Things I really really want~!!!

Yield and overcome;
Bend and be straight;
Empty and be full;
Wear out and be new;
Have little and gain;
Have much and be confused.
– Lao Tzu

Now that we’ve gotten that sage little bit out of the way, here’s a list of things I really, really want right now:

A Graffiti Pen: These are like little spray-paint cans recast as Magic Markers. So you can make cool art—of either the indoor or outdoor variety—with a bit more precision. Speaking of which, I have recently been trying to improve my signature. Does anyone want to help me redesign it? I will pay you back in resume edits or Skittles or something. Also, keep in mind when you are deciding whether to judge my endorsement of graffiti that the art world has a long and ugly history of being quite stingy about who is given space in which to make and display art. (See: Salon des Refusés. See also: Graffiti As One of The Five Pillars of Hip Hop)

A Plane Ticket to South America: I am dying to hit up Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela in Summer 2011. But I’m definitely cash poor. Any suggestions for scoring a cheap billet that don’t involve drug smuggling or aircraft devices with chickens running up and down the aisles? Also looking for joiners. Meet up with me for a week? I envision the trip as having several discrete components: Peru and Ecuador for fantastic natural wonders and lots of outdoor activities, Colombia for Spanish lessons and a foray off the beaten path, and Venezuela for socio-political studies on the New Communism and cool Che Guevara-themed souvenirs. Then top it all off with a week or three in the Venezuelan Caribbean, maybe Aruba. Those with forgiving GI tracts and photo/writing/language skills are particularly invited.

Penzy’s Spices: I hate and am endlessly embarrassed by my crappy collection of cheapass spices. I even hide them when guests come over, cause they are clearly from the Dollar Tree. I want the full set of Penzy’s Spices. They are soooo delicious and amazing, especially the blends. But if that’s too spendy, maybe a little herb garden that I could grow in my window. I love cooking but lack the funding to stock my kitchen appropriately. In that vein, I also need a Ginsu knife.

If you think you can help me out with any of these things, go ahead and get in touch.




4 thoughts on “Things I really really want~!!!

  1. Emilie says:

    Haha. I just saw the previous post. Those are good too, the Germans are good with their steel. I’m pretty sold on the Globals. Check ’em out. Derek takes ours to work, which makes me sad. I get to use them when they’re home though.

  2. Lisa says:

    I can see wanting all of those things. I think having good spices and especially have a good knife make all the difference in cooking. Starting an herb garden in your window is probably the cheapest, best way to get fresh, tasty herbs. I really want one of those desk-top herb and/or cherry tomato gardens…I think they are called Aero Gardens or something like that. Know what I’m talking about? My outdoor garden usually doesn’t get enough sunlight so it produces very late in the season (tomatoes in October?!).

    Yo tambien quiero ir a Sur America! I just saw my friend Katie’s pictures from a 3 week trip to Ecuador and I definitely want to eat some guinea pig and other native food. Ugh, but with the tot I don’t think foreign travel is anywhere near on my radar…unless he came…which would make for a very difficult, yet interesting trip. I don’t know…he will be 2 by then too so I’d have to pay for his airfare…ouch!

    I hope you get everything you want, Sugar!!

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