Down Mexico Way

So. I’m counting down the hours ’till my midnight departure for Troncones, Mexico.

This will be a different sort of trip than what I’m used to… A quick-and-dirty mission gotten done on one daypack’s worth of stuff. And over in a hurry on account of the job awaiting my speedy return….  I’ve got a swarm of friends to meet up with down there, whereas I usually travel solo, so that will be different, as well. No blank canvas here. Just my camera, a jar of peanut butter and, SHHH, a pair of high heels shoved into the bottom of my bag. So, yeah. Destination wedding, here I come! Beyond the festivities, I’ve got just enough time to get a sunburn, pick up a few bottles of Cuban rum and hit the farmacia before I hop on a collectivo back to the airport.

Grown-up vacation, I’m not sure how I feel about you, but I’m coming to this relationship with an open heart.

Pictures to come. Shenanigans to come. Lots and lots of licuados and micheladas to come. All of it. Wish me luck.


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