Hola De Troncones

This dispatch is coming at you from Troncones, Mexico. I am sitting in my little bungalow staring out at the mighty Pacifico. The past 24 hours have been quite a mission… Sleeping like a hobo in the Houston airport and then a crazy-beautiful airplane ride across Mexico. I sunburned my nose because I had my face pressed up against the plane window almost the whole way there. Que bonito! I managed to make it to Troncones sans $75 taxi ride, but it involved a semi-harrowing journey. I hitched a ride on a collectivo. Then the driver let me off on the side of the highway and I stood there baking in the heat for about 20 minutes before I managed to flag down a chicken bus. I sat squooshed between a few friendly Mexicans on this crazy old school bus recast as a psychedelic Mexican chariot, complete with all sorts of vinyl “Jesus” stickers and stuffed animals tacked to the walls and some pretty awesome Mexican amor music blasting out of the hopped up speakers. Then I got dropped off at the side of the highway and began the long foot trek into Troncones. I started to get a little sketched out after about 20 minutes of tramping down the road to the beach cause I had no water and figured I was in for a long trek, but, buena suerte, a little red van stopped a picked me up and gave me a lift into town. Success!! I saved 63 dollars and was very pleased…. Since my arrival yesterday afternoon, I’ve been hanging out with friends, eating tasty quesadillas and sipping off my bottle of Havana Club. Yes! I found my favorite Cuban rum and so the world is good. The wedding happens this afternoon. We had a rehearasal on the beach yesterday afternoon, and get this. Sun was setting and the whole thing was really rather surreal and beautiful and then out of nowhere a wild horse came galloping down the beach toward us. Like something out of Napoleon Dynamite.

The place I’m staying at reminds me quite a lot of my apartment in Cozumel. Thatch roof, lizards and cucarachas everywhere. It’s great. I’d forgotten the smell of Mexico. Some mix of campfires and ocean and stray dog and cooking puerca. It’s pretty intoxicating. Photos will be on the way in short order. On the agenda this afternoon is bodyboarding in the ocean, drinking a few pacificos and eating all sorts of weird Mexican tasties, like yogurt drink and tamarindo candies and perhaps a few dollar-quesadillas. It is amazing, insane, merciful, wonderful here. Love it!



One thought on “Hola De Troncones

  1. Lisa says:

    Estoy muy celosa! Congratulations, Kelly and Todd! Wish I could be there to celebrate, but we will just have to wait until your P-Town reception in July. I promise not to pass out and spill champagne all over. 😉

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