Hypothetical Tuesday, Again

Man, o, man. It has been a week of revelations. I won’t get into it. Onward! Once again, we find ourselves at Hypothetical Tuesday. I’ve got a few real zingers for ya this week. Here we go…

• Kant’s philosophy of ethics is built up around the ‘Categorical Imperative,’ which encourages a person confronted with a moral choice to ask him or herself, ‘Would I want to see this behavior universalized?’ If the answer is ‘No,’ the thinking goes, then the action being contemplated is unethical and should be avoided. So. If all of your day-to-day behaviors were universalized (really, ALL OF THEM), which would be the most detrimental to humanity? Conversely, which would be the most beneficial?
• Which invention would you rather forgo: pockets or buttons?

• If you could strike one holiday from the calendar, what would it be?

• A mad scientist offers you $1,000,000 to travel to the future and retrieve the mathematical equation for a pill that cures hair loss. The catch is this: your entire lifetime will pass while you are gone. Your family and friends will have no idea where you’ve gotten to and they will spend the rest of their lives searching for you. However. When you retrieve the code and embark on your return journey to the present, you will essentially be traveling back in time, therefore erasing your long absence and the years of worry and anguish you caused loved ones. Plus you’ll be rich. Do you accept the challenge, knowing the pain, albeit temporary, that you will inflict upon those who care about you?

• Would you rather be able to talk to animals or to babies?

• You die, and your soul/essence travels to the In-Between-Place. As you are preparing to select a body for your next incarnation, you are given a choice: you can go a round on earth as an all-wise and all-knowing being, but you will incarnate into the body of a chicken and will therefore be unable to share your wisdom with anyone or anything and will probably get eaten at some point. Still, though, you will have the monumental opportunity to experience reality as it truly is. OR, you can return to earth as the person you most recently were and give things another try, BUT you will be forced to relearn every single hard-fought lesson you just spent the past 80 years sorting out and have no guarantee that you will do any better this time around. The universe is cruel, alright. Which do you choose?


One thought on “Hypothetical Tuesday, Again

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow, these ARE good questions! I would banish buttons because as long as there are zippers, velcro, elastic and string ties- who needs them? Buttons always come off and render the clothing useless anyway. Pockets are waaaaay too important to get rid of. I would erase the 4th of July off our calendars. It is a dumb, wasteful, polluting holiday that causes too many accidents and injuries, in my humble opinion. Yes, it can be fun, but not usually fun enough. I would rather talk to animals since babies will be able to talk eventually. I’m sure they would continue to cry even if they could talk too. Animals might have some secret knowledge that would help us save the world. Erin- where are you responses to these questions! 🙂

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