Hypothetical Tuesday: The Return

Here we go…

The world is struck by a great flood. By some stroke of luck, you happen to be paddling along in a rowboat when the deluge comes slamming in. You have six items with you: an anthology detailing the world’s major religions and philosophies, a collection of Zippos and several large bottles of butane, an anthology with color renderings of the world’s most powerful and enduring works of art, a stocked toolbox, a gun with 20 year’s worth of ammo, and a solar-powered iPod loaded with all the greatest musical works ever created. As you struggle to navigate the choppy floodwaters, God pops down to announce that the flood will last approximately two days. At that point, the waters will recede and you will be ferried along to a post-apocalyptical colony where you will participate in the process of rebuilding humanity. However, all traces of our civilization save what you bring with you will be gone. As you man the oars and ponder your strange fate, the rowboat strikes a piece of debris. A tiny leak appears in the bottom of the boat. You attempt to bail the water out, but it soon becomes clear that the boat is sinking under the weight of all your cargo. The load must be lightened or you will drown. In what order would you throw out the items?

If you could eliminate one obnoxious colloquialism from the English language, which would it be?

You are given the power to erase the assassination of one of the following people: Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Julius Caesar, Franz Ferdinand or Ghandi. Whom do you choose? Keep in mind the massive societal shifts, both good and bad, that were put in motion by not only their lives, but also their deaths. Not so easy, is it?

If you could pick, which gender would you be born as?

If you could travel back in time and spend one day with the thirteen-year-old version of you, where would you take yourself? And what one piece of advice would you offer you for navigating the years ahead?

Relatedly, would you rather spend a day with your great-great-great-grandchild or your great-great-great-grandparent?


Thoughts? Objections? Curiosities? Your comment gets mine!

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