Foul Weathered

Lunchtime. I am frustrated because I have two great new blogs to share and just realized that the computer at my new office is equipped only with Microsoft Office 2004 and thus cannot read documents I wrote in the comfort of my apartment. Dark ages! And I have one of those old-fangled keyboards that clicks really loud when you’re typing.

It is a gray, windy, rainy day here in Cannon Beach. The first of many, I’d wager, but my spirits are good. I have a nice view of town from my desk and would probably be able to see the beach as well if it weren’t for a few tall rows of houses. So far, I’m enjoying my tenure back on the Oregon Coast. I’m adjusting to my new posting as editor with reasonable ease, although doing battle with 100 emails a day is definitely unpleasant and it is soooo quiet here in the office compared to my newspaper in St. Helens. It’s amazing how much work you can get done when there’s no one around to chat and share random observations with, but it’s a bit lonely, too.

I have been sort of agonizing over what my new job title means for the contents of this blog. I like the fact that the things I write on here are directly linked up with my full name. I like that, so far, I’ve been able to get away with a little irreverence and immaturity and none of my sources or superiors at my “real writing jobs” have complained about it. I don’t want to edit myself for fear of offending others. I don’t want to stop telling poopy jokes and using foul language when a particular piece seems really to call for it. I don’t want to play against type just to please others. I’ve tried that and I suck at it. But it’s a fine line, is all I’m saying.

Ha ha, that said, one of the blogs I wrote last night and haven’t yet been able to post is soooo foul-mouthed. It’s gonna be great.


One thought on “Foul Weathered

  1. Lisa says:

    Ha! Must have been your poo blog you were referring to! I don’t think you should change your writing style or language at all, but I know where you are coming from. I sometimes feel pressure to do the same since I’m now a mom and feel the need to be more “adult” and respectable. At the same time, that doesn’t mean I have to be dull. I may be boring at times, yes, but not dull. LOL! I’m just saying that not everyone is interested in reading about all the silly things a toddler does…I know you and I find it fascinating that Eli now says “milk,” but I’m not so sure about the general population. Anyway, you are a great writer, communicator and artist- don’t change! Plus, like you said before, your new community is rather liberal so maybe you finally fit in (unlike in Missouri) and they will accept you and your foul-mouth just as you are. 😉 LOL- Love you!!

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