• Pulled over for driving with brights
• Chicken gyro + Rose Festival + root beer floats + Lisa, Eli, Ashley
• Saw two of my favorite Mexicans, Robin and Luis Fe. Quel tal!
• With MG: beer and a quick argument in Laurelhurst Park, got 6 Cure singles at a HUGE sale at Music Millenium. Plus Taco Bell and roach coaches on Hawthorne plus also stopped in to the coolest Portland bar/club I’ve visited in ages. Free show! I’m not even revealing the name. That’s how cool it was. In fact, all was cool. Even the part where we fought.
• Car crash!! Ambulances and firetrucks and one very hysterical pregnant woman. All my fault. Everyone seemed to be OK, but two women were carried away in stretchers. And U.S. Highway 26 was shut down for 45 minutes, all on account of ME. It was horrible. A million people must have seen me sitting on the side of the highway in a dress crying.

One thought on “post-weekend

  1. Lisa says:

    I’m so sorry about your car accident. That sucks. It is kind of cool to say you stopped traffic on a major highway for 45 minutes, though…LOL! I shouldn’t joke…this is a serious matter! If I was the pregnant woman and you were a stranger who just hit my car I would probably freak out on you too- sorry, but I think any preggo would. I had fun with you and Ash too! I can’t wait to see the pics you took!

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