words of fair warning

Playing around with a different look for my blog. Thoughts? I like this one. It’s ironically edgy… But. Does it make me look even more like a 14-year-old boy than I already did?

If you want a dose of hilarity, check out the wicked pissing match that ensued between me, my ex and my best friend in the comments section of  a previous blog. I had to delete one particular comment because it was too harsh and damning to let stand (can you guess who posted it?) but otherwise I’m keeping it intact.

And a word of caution, based on that episode: I am a writer. Or at least I’m trying to be one. So if you know me and spend time with me, some bit of you will probably eventually end up in one of my posts. I try to respect people’s privacy by not using full names unless there’s some compelling reason to do so. And I try to tell the truth, or at least my good-faith version of it. I’m not out to make anyone look like an asshole, here. But if you make yourself look like an asshole, well, I reserve the right to let you and your deeds stand, as-is or as-was.

This is my interpretation of events. You are free to insist upon your own in return. You are free to react to anything I say about you. But if you want to get down and dirty, this isn’t the forum. Make your own blog.


One thought on “words of fair warning

  1. Lisa says:

    Ha, ha! This theme or “look” does seem like a 14 year old boy would choose it. But you yourself look nothing like a 14 year old boy…well, not since you were 13-15 and skateboarding in huge, baggy pants and thrift store t-shirts. LOL! I definitely thought something had gone wrong when it first popped up looking like this, like I was at the wrong blog. I vote for your previous theme, but this one does seem to fit the whole exchange you, MM and I had.

    Anyway, I have some actual work to go do now…right after I get a latte! LOL! Oh, and from a legal standpoint, good job on putting a disclaimer on your blog so no one can come back and try to sue you for writing about them…you never know when another character from your past will pop up making ridiculous claims and demands.

    Oh, btw, I’m going to do something with friends for my b-day in July after the holiday since my mom volunteered to babysit this Sunday so J and I can go see a movie. Woo-hoo! Time together without the kid! Niiiiice!

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