Girl eats world

Goals for what remains of this week:

1. No more beer-induced freakouts.

2. No more nightmares. Last night Euripides was out for my demise. I don’t even know who Euripides is!

3. Relatedly, better sleep. No more waking up at 2 a.m. to ponder the meaning of life amid the ominous shadows cast by my blinking red cell phone charger.

4. Water flowers outside office windows. They are 98 percent dead.

5. Do the DISHES!

6. Redeem myself, in my own eyes at least.

7. Update iPod.

8. Find a cheap 25-80 lens.

9. Write 14 stories by Friday.

10. Finalize Labor Day party plans! Can’t wait, everyone!

11. Make a Mexican taco feast with slow-cooked chicken and black beans and queso de cabra! Que loco! You’re invited!


One thought on “Girl eats world

  1. Lisa says:

    Those tacos you made when we were visiting were delicious! Are we having a taco feast for your b-day party too? I’m excited we get to stay for 2 nights now!! 🙂 YAY! I may end up doing stuff with just Eli depending on what everyone’s plans are, but I think we can work him in in some activities (I was thinking he might really like to ride in one of those 4+ people bike-cars). He just wants to wake up much earlier than everyone else. Ugh.

    How are your 14 stories coming along? 🙂

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