… am I supposed to spend my lunch break spying on people when Face-Book keeps Face-Planting? Everybody is freaking out and complaining about it on Twitter. Seriously,  it would be laughable it it weren’t so traumatic to be suddenly dis-linked up from every single thing. A discomfiting kind of feeling.

Other news: my awesome boyfriend bought me the flip-flops. Yeah!

And I’m donating blood in a few short hours. I always get rejected on account of my scanty hemoglobin and extended jaunts in Asia and backroom tattoos, but I’ve got a good feeling this time. I’ve been scarfing down spinach and Special K (NOT THAT KIND) and shrimp and every other iron-packed food I can think of in preparation. But I’m still nervous. And I’m a fainter, to boot. This should be super-entertaining.

I’ve been working on all sorts of random stuff for the Gazette, which is keeping me busy. The weeks are long when you’re the features-hardnews-environmental-cops/courts-obituaries-schools-profiles-sports reporter-slash-editor. And the layout and photo and web and social media person. I’ve been editor for four months this week. Boss says the paper is looking better than it ever has and I respectfully agree. Although there really wasn’t anywhere to go but up when I took the wheel.

That’s all.


One thought on “How…

  1. Lisa says:

    Good job on donating blood! (did they accept you?) I’m still too big of a wuss to do it…hopefully one day soon, though. You are doing an awesome job as editor of the Gazette too! I know you are working your hardest on putting it all together each week and getting good results, so your dedication should be acknowledged! Great job, Sugar Booger!! 🙂 We are all very proud of you!!

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