Holy frijoles … I think I ate too much yesterday …

Morning started with coffee plus eggs and chorizo, beans, tortillas and avocado at a tasty breakfast joint:

Mid-morning was fresh-squeezed o.j. and then half-a peanut butter sandwich (fresh-made peanut butter that is, totally pure except for a capful of canola oil) and Nick and Treva’s place.

Afternoon was a trip to the beach and more eating. Morgan and I brought along 4 Pacifico beers and 2 bags of Sabritas (best Mexican chips EVER). Then after swimming, a guy cruised by selling fresh macaroons, so three of those between us. Then the tamale lady came with her insanely tasty tamales, so it was two of those each.

By this time I was feeling slightly distended, but as soon as we walked in the door we were walking back out it to join Nick, Treva and their kid for a dinner out. On the way, M picked me up a Gatorade. Drank that. I opted to sit dinner out, but of course ended up drinking two aguas frescas de naranja and eating a mini tostada and also some chips and aguacate. Then on the way home, everyone wanted dessert. Again, I opted out but as soon as I was no longer uncomfortably full, I ended up taking sips from Morgan’s mad good licuado des frutas.

Ugh! Three peptos and 12 cool hours later I am feeling slightly remorseful. The food is just so so so good here. What can I say? I lost control. And although Sayulita is far from developed, you don’t really have to worry about what you eat. A far cry from my recent forays into Central America, where the runs were inveterate.

Duck! It's the toro loco!!


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