Where I’m sat

Gunning for a whole new website pretty soon, here. My designer boyfriend is going to help out with building it … Just an aside.

I had a thought the other day. I had a lot of thoughts that day, actually, but there’s a particular one that I keep circling back to.

I was watching this unruly gang of about four or five teenagers outside of Safeway the other afternoon. They were sitting on the sidewalk, backs up against the building, sharing a cigarette and eating some gruesome-looking Chinese takeout. And it occurred to me that now that I’m an adult I don’t get nearly enough opportunities to sit on the ground. When I was younger, I sat all over the place. Against buildings, in hallways, in the yard, in parking lots. Didn’t matter if the ground was dirty or what have you. I always enjoyed the feel of solid ground beneath my ass. It was comforting.

Nowadays I have precious little time to kill and when I do sit, it’s usually either in my shitty office chair or the driver’s seat of my car. Or – horrors! – the couch, where the once-adventurous come to die.

My life trajectory has me fairly stationary these days, and that’s cool. But I would like to experiment with new ways of reclining. Back in Korea, I guess I did spend a lot of time sitting on the ground, as that’s the way most homes and restaurants were set up. And of course, on the road, you’re always squatting or crouching in bus stations or in front of hostels or whatever, because there’s just a lot more waiting that happens in strange and unadorned locales. I want to bring a little more of that spirit to my daily doings.


Thoughts? Objections? Curiosities? Your comment gets mine!

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