Holy hello

Que riquita la pescadita! El Tunco, El Salvador 2009

Why, hello there. Yes, yes, it has been a minute.

Now that I’m out a job, however, and working full-time as a freelance writer and photographer, time is a less scarce commodity. I’ve been replete with inspirations the past few weeks and I’ve decided now is as ripe a moment as any to dive back into this forgotten sounding board.

Among my first acts since quitting my newspaper editing gig: planning a bit of travel. It’s been a good bit I’ve been marooned stateside, save two trips to Mexico last year, and I have a big, bad case of wandering toes.

How to scratch the itch, you ask? One of my favorite perennial questions.

I’ve got two big ventures lined up for the first half of 2012 – a monthlong sojourn in El Salvador come March and a jaunt to the big, empty Midwest come May. Morgan and I are hitting Central America to kick our heels back in Playa El Tunco – a tiny and wonderfully chill little surf town on the Pacific Coast that I happened upon during my 2009 Central American wanderings. Nothing but nothing around, and dirt cheap, besides. I am filling my backpack with books and cameras and hammocks. Not a whole lot else.

Then, come pre-summer, I hit Indiana to celebrate my younger sister’s graduation from Notre Dame. As it appears, the charms of South Bend are dubious, so I’ll be venturing afield, and Chicago will definitely be among my stops. The stubbornly nostalgic part of me half-considered visiting good ol’ Columbia, Missouri while in the neighborhood, but I was visited today by the sad realization that I have no friends to speak of who live there. Acquaintances, sure, but no friends, so why bother? Too many bum memories. That place.

So. Chicago it is! I’m looking for couches to surf. I’ll shoot your portrait in exchange and it will be awesome. 🙂 Hit me up. I’m also putting feelers out for recommendations of great, cheap places to eat. I haven’t settled upon a theme, but I’m planning on doing a little food story because, well, why not?

I’m trying to work out a few other freelance projects I could put together to fund both trips – I’m thinking I’ll focus on surfing and food. Lots of food. I had plenty of occasion to try my hand at food writing during my time at The Gazette and I dig it.

So, that’s news.

Playa El Tunco at sunset; El Salvador 2009


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