Your prayers, answered: Erin is starting an advice column!

Your Heart – Erin J. Bernard

So. It’s been something of a week for me. An ass-over-teakettle, life-got-flip-turned-upside-down kind of week, and I’ve found myself embarking, these past days, on a sort of frenetic and frenzied quest for wisdom of any brand that might help me muddle through.

I’ve called and texted trusted (and abidingly patient) friends. Compulsively and at all hours of the day and night and sometimes over and over.

I’ve done my tarot cards. Twice. (Because I didn’t like the answers I got the first time, and no, that is not cheating the gods, so back off.)

I’ve started following the Dalai Llama on Twitter and Facebook. (Highly, highly recommend.)

I’ve also Googled a long list of embarrassing and not-very-original What is The Meaning of Life-type and Why-Am-I-So-Emotionally-Stunted type questions. (To scant avail, as it were. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Yahoo Answers makes me want to weep into my corn flakes for the fate – and the grammar – of humankind.)

On the less-directly-beneficial front: I’ve cried a bit, and I’ve eaten some ice cream and half a chocolate cookie, and I’ve run and I’ve done some yoga and I’ve slept recklessly late into the morning and I’ve twice unceremoniously bared the details of my personal life to casual acquaintances, to our mutual awkwardness.

I don’t really feel any wiser for all my reckless (that WORD!) searching, but I do have a whirl of Big Ideas sort of storming around inside my tiny head from the effort. And in the face of all these Non Answers, I thought perhaps it might be best if I turned some of this big thinking outward. Sooooo … I decided I want to start a serial, occasional advice column.

I’ve been wanting to do this since I was a kid. I think I might be good at it. To start, my specialties will be personal relationships and existential crises. But I’ll also deal in career advice, plus travel/reading/film suggestions.

This is where you, Tiny Reader, come in. I need people who need help. Lots of it. This will be totally and entirely anonymous (I’ll even make up a cool alias for you if you can’t think up one yourself) and I promise I’ll still respect you in the morning.

Please direct your burning life questions to my personal email account:

Don’t you almost kind of feel better already?

Me, neither. But we’ll get there.

Oh, and I also need to think of a cool name for said Advice Column, so I’m soliciting suggestions for that as well.

Drop me a note. We’re going to have SO MUCH FUN!

Unsure – Erin J. Bernard


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