Today I had a work day with a writer friend. We sat at her tiny kitchen table, typed on our computers, chatted about writerly things, then ate hummus with veggies (my contribution) and a chocolate cupcake (hers). I watched her dog do some tricks and then hump a stuffed polar bear with utmost concentration. Afterwards, I drove home and decided to take a break from my work day to nap and make haikus. I went into the backyard to make some pictures and found Emiliano gardening. He’d just gotten a haircut he did not care for. I watched him pull out squash and beets and a single stalk of rhubarb. We tried to think of things you cook with rhubarb but weren’t sure. All of it was a nice intermission from my regular work day. Spare and elegant. This afternoon, I will drink tea and finish my editing, then meet a friend for dinner.

Here is what we found in the backyard:

Here is my favorite haiku:

Hearts mended

My life, a loose thread

You, the needle, pulled me through

A stitch, switched, for truth


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