Photo gallery: Test driving my brand-spanking-new Canon 5D Markii

So I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to a full-frame camera. I bought my sweet little Canon Digital Rebel XTi five years ago and it has been a great starter SLR, but I’ve definitely grown out of it. I’m getting more and more solicitations for commercial photo / portrait work, I take most of my own pictures for the print journalism pieces I write, and the ol’ Rebel just doesn’t cut it anymore. Plus it is pretty trashed from all its intercontinental adventuring. I am tough on my electronics! Sand and dust and lots of hard traveling. The Rebel has held up commendably, but I’m officially retiring her from regular use.

Say hello to the Canon 5D Markii! She is a beauty. I purchased the 5D body plus a Canon L-line 24-105 mm lens from Sunset Electronics for $2800 and I’m thrilled with the quality so far. Although I’m gonna need to develop a bit more hand strength to drive this baby. She’s heavy!

I spent the afternoon out at my Mom and Nan’s property in Mulino, Ore. taking the Markii for a test drive. Nan and I had a magical time wandering the forest, scouting snail shells and magnificently tiny mushrooms and brilliantly colored moss and sharp little sprigs of holly leaves, trailed all the way by a red-tailed hawk. What a lonely sound he makes …

Here are a few selects:



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