Overheard in Portland: “I Love the Taste of Butter”

Grendel’s Coffee House, Northeast Burnside Street | Portland, Oregon

12/11/2013 3:10 p.m.

IMG_2614 copy-2

Snippets from a roundtable discussion among a group of shabbily dressed men at a nearby table:

“I use butter and olive oil, not margarine. Margarine, that’s full of chemicals! Ew! You can open it up and leave it sitting forever and it never spoils. Butter is better for you, man. You can digest it. And olive oil? Oh, man. That’s good stuff.”

“Yeah, I get some nice bread and put olive oil on it.”

“The reason I don’t use olive oil and butter so much is because it’s more expensive. But I found a new place by my house where you can get Tillamook butter for $1.50 and olive oil for like $2.50. It’s $11 at Safeway. You’d recognize these brands. And most of the dates are still good. They’re close, but they’re still good.”

“Butter is good in the refrigerator for two weeks.”

“Margarine’s bad. Use olive oil and butter instead, man! There’s chemicals in it that are in paint and silicone. If you leave it outside and leave it open, nothing will touch it. Yeah! Nothing will touch it. They did studies with it. No ants or bugs or nothing. I love the taste of butter.”



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