Fall Captures: McMinnville, Oregon

I’ve spent the past two days in McMinnville, Oregon. Wine country, and the town where I attended undergrad. I don’t get back often, and had forgotten how beautiful the fall foliage is around here. I was kicking myself almost as soon as I rolled into town for not bringing my SLR, but my trusty little iPhone did the trick nicely. A few favorites.

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The Flowers of Cannon Beach, Oregon

I was once again privileged to be the event photographer for this year’s Cannon Beach History Center and Museum Cottage and Garden Tour.  Oregon’s coastal landscape is so stunning on a grand scale that it can be easy to overlook the small stuff. But … holy smokes! What magic. Herewith, the flowers of Cannon Beach.

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Photo Gallery – Running of the Bulls; Pamplona, Spain

Almost on an afterthought, E and I decided to head to Pamplona a few days ago to catch some of the Festival de San Fermin. The weeklong Basque festival kicks off each morning with a ceremonial running of the bulls made famous – for us Americans, at least – by the late, great Ernest Hemingway. It is an event attended to by Spaniards with great pride and emotion – a way for men young and old to prove their salt.

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Tapas, Xampanyet; Barcelona, Spain - Erin J. Bernard

Photo Gallery – Barcelona, Spain

We’ve been here in Spain roughly three weeks. I’ve lately been rather enamored of Instagram (find me there: @erinjbernard; you can also check out my latest Instagram photos by navigating to the homepage of this website and scrolling to the bottom lefthand corner. You’re welcome!)and have been uploading photos daily there. I like the simplicity of shooting and sharing photos by iPhone, but of course, there’s no comparison between a cell phone pic and an SLR one. Thusly, a few shots taken recently with my Canon 5d.

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That Winter Light

I’ve been captivated, this past month or so, with the cool, diffuse quality of the Pacific Northwest’s winter light. It’s got a hollow stillness to it that is nothing short of bewitching. Portland is unseasonably dry and foggy as of late, and I’ve seen all sorts of strange and wonderful light patterns on my trips around town and to the Oregon coast. E and I just returned from a trip to Astoria to celebrate our sorta-anniversary. It was my second time to the beach in a week, and the weather out there is insane. Captures from this, that and the other thing.

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Mexico City – Photo Gallery 2 (DF to Portland by way of airplane + headcold, stomach flu, etc., etc.)

Caught a few overlapping and particularly nasty viruses on my way out of Mexico City and back to Portland by way of Southern California. Add to this a massive Dec. 31 editing deadline and I was out for the terrible, terrible count, doing that favorite old dance of Sometime-Gringo adventurers, the Aztec Two-Step. What a gut-wrenching Christmas! What a fate! Alas, alack. ‘Tis a terrible-wonderful brand spanking new year! I have updates on Mexico City coming, and photos. Many, many photos. Down and Out in DF Batch One comin’ atcha. Hold onto them hats.

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La Isla de las Munecas

I’ve been witness to some deliciously strange things in my travels abroad.

At the border crossing between North and South Korea, a man in a giant bear costume leaps about, shouting, “Welcome to North Korea!”

In a hostel dorm room in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, an Italian Acidhead dressed in pink briefs and a blonde wig blasts Britney Spears on a boom box, babbling horrifying nonsense and shoving a filthy stuffed toy dog in my face.

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