Good afternoon and not goodbye: Thoughts on my summer in Barcelona

Last evening here in Barcelona. It’s 5:36 p.m. and I’m struggling to rouse myself so that I might do a bit of work. Later, we’re heading to El Born Barrio with our friendly Catalan landlord to enjoy a final meal out, and, most likely, a few glasses of cava. We told him we had to be home by 11 p.m. on account of our early flight and I could just about hear him laughing at us over text message.

“That’s a prudent hour,” he texted us in his formal Spanish. But doth I detect a hint of good-natured sneering?

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Tapas, Xampanyet; Barcelona, Spain - Erin J. Bernard

Photo Gallery – Barcelona, Spain

We’ve been here in Spain roughly three weeks. I’ve lately been rather enamored of Instagram (find me there: @erinjbernard; you can also check out my latest Instagram photos by navigating to the homepage of this website and scrolling to the bottom lefthand corner. You’re welcome!)and have been uploading photos daily there. I like the simplicity of shooting and sharing photos by iPhone, but of course, there’s no comparison between a cell phone pic and an SLR one. Thusly, a few shots taken recently with my Canon 5d.

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