Reverie on Sound, Part I: El Salvador

The first thing you notice about El Salvador is the noise.

The music, I mean – music of all kinds, issuing screamingly forth from competing crackly amplifiers of every make on street corners of every make in towns of every make.

Music: everywhere, inescapable, inveterate.

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Goo cakes, green mango and other tough-to-swallow things

We’ve made it to our final destination … Suchitoto!

It’s a great little artsy mountain town an hour out from big, smelly San Salvador. We’re staying in an adobe house perched right at the very edge of a mountain overlooking Lake Suchitlo – La Villa Balanza. It’s at the bottom of the steepest cobblestone hill I’ve ever seen. Ever.

The views are crazy and so is the wildlife. Between the roosters, the cicadas, the orioles, the snarling pups and the roving band of drunken men that congregates outside our window each evening, it’s hard to fall asleep before midnight or to stay asleep after 6 a.m. A bat even flew into our room last night! So we’re siesta-ing a lot.

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